R.A. Kartini not swim

Last Sunday 21st April we just celebrating ‘Hari Kartini’. Raden Ajeng Kartini, one of the most Indonesian inspiring women because of the change she made for Indonesian women a right for educations. R.A. Kartini bring education to Indonesian women but she is not swimming… 🙂

Specially in maritime country like Indonesia, often we can not avoid water transportation. Even an air craft sometimes landing in the water, it happen with Lion Air at last April 13th 2013 near Bali – Ngurah Rai Airport. In the case of Indonesian transportion problem which too much disaster to learn swim is a must.

Like Kartini I want a change in Indonesian women way of thinking about swimming. I said 80% of women in South East Asia countries including Indonesia can not swim. Why? They can not because they don’t want. I see that most of the reason they are not swimming because they don’t want get colored skin from swimming. That’s terrible way of thinking. Swimming is ‘LIFE SKILL’ and little bit brown skin even beauty, remember, Cleopatra the most beautiful woman in the world has also brown skin.

Not too late to learn swim, in my other text I will show how to learn swimming with my method which is good for any ages.

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