Bali Sanur Windsurfing

I found many information in the internet forum asking for windsurfing in Bali and people are telling people that there are some good wind in Bali but no windsurf facilities. Also, it is not one time tourist pass in front of our friend’s, Pedro, windsurf station comment : “Oo, I never know that there is windsurfing in Sanur”.

This is not true that there’s no windsurf in Bali. Windsurf in Bali start already since long time since the era of Robby Naish in the 70’s. Many local windsurfer admiring and fans of Robby Naish, at least they know when we are talking about him. And there’s Indonesian windsurfer, Oka Sulaksana, he is now almost 40 years old, he was very strong in South East Asian and Asian competition when he was young. But that’s it, and the developing of this sport in this country is very slow, this is correct. Yes, as a windsurfer and as an Indonesian I am not happy with this.

But it was long time ago when not much facilities to windsurf in Bali. These last two years around 2009 until this time 2011, there’s some changes, little bit development in windsurf community in Bali. With dedication to the sport we (me and my husband, thanks to him) run a windsurf shop in Sanur area called ‘Jump and Jibe’, where you can find complete equipment and accessories and repair parts. Pedro a guy from Flores, the other island in Indonesia, he was several years living in Japan, with his friends he start running a windsurf station at Mertasari beach called ‘Ocean Cowboys’, live up the beach with better and more modern equipment compare to several old crapy windsurf station in Sanur area.

I agree when people say windsurfing in Indonesia not developing very well compare to the potensi of the country. Our problem is there’s no support from Indonesian goverment to developing it. We found many Mistral One Design used in several rental place, coming from Porlasi, Indonesian Sailing Association, those stuff are used for the KONI (sport organization) before. It is true that boards for slalom, freeride, or wave sailing are really really hard to find. Okey a wave sailing board not really need in Bali, because the wind and good wave never come together. But slalom and freeride boards with medium to bigger size sails is needed. Our experience in importing stuff for our shop is we are robbed and pressed by the goverment, I think the situation is worse than during the Dutch colonial goverment. The import rules, the trading rules, the shop registration, the taxes, all are crazy. It is an antagony, and contra productive to the tourisme campaign made by the goverment and the Board of Tourisme.

Anyway, the aim of what I write now is to tell the world that Sanur – Bali can be one of your windsurf destination. And with all the troubles we have in developing windsurf in Indonesia you still can windsurf in Sanur Bali with good equipment and reasonable price. And when you need information about when and where to windsurf in Bali just call us in +62 812 814 959 34 or check our web site : or email us at : or or our Facebook. We can arrange your windsurf tour or to help you make deal with Pedro’s windsurf station or to get contact direct to him. His place also a place for tourist information. This our shop looks like from outside, you wont missed it because it is on the main street in Sanur-Bali.

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