Friday, 7 May 2010

Friday, 7 May 2010 in Sanur Bali

We went to the beach not far from our shop, we’d to visit our friends which run a windsurf rental called Ocean Cowboy. It was about 1 o’clock, there’s a light wind 6-8 knots, just perfect for learning. We saw nobody likes to go in the water. A learning board that Pedro has just laying in the sand, in front of the desk counter. Okey, let’s spend little bit to rent our friend’s board Hans said. He is not a “light wind” surfer anymore but he likes to animating people to go in the water. That’s we always do as well in Tripoli-Libya.

As usual many windsurfer are just waiting to the others to go in the water when the wind less than 10 knots. They are already windsurfing since long that they think they know everything about windsurfing. Some of them even don’t know how to jibe. And as usual then the beginner also will do the same, they think if the more advance sailor not go in the water then they should not go as well. That’s why it always necessary to find somebody to become a volunteer to start jump in the water first.

Phillip, the boy in Ocean Cowboy rigs the 6.5 m sail and preparing a Starboard Go for Hans then little bit later there ‘s an Irish guy start to rig up his sail too. He is not yet go in the water but at least he is interested in to go in the water. And after Hans playing with the Go and played with the little sail he took, did some duck jibe, clew first and also some stupid thing, few minute later two beginner ladies started as well.

About 2 hours later the wind pick up and the tide not much down. Hans gave back the GO and used his own Lorch board and 7.8m North rig. And finally more and more people in the water, windsurfers and kiters. Until the sun went down the wind still blowing steady around 12-14 knots we just didn’t have light for night surfing. BUT It was a wonderful day for the windsurfer. And remember: Be a volunteer, need somebody to start in light wind condition, help the beginner to learn more because there’s a lot of things to learn in windsurfing and always something to learn.

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